Scout went over the Rainbow Bridge on January 1, 2010. This sweet boy was a gentle giant...a lover of all creatures.
His cousin Roscoe loved the time they spent together at Huntington dog beach. We will all miss Scout.

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Jason went over the Rainbow Bridge on February 16, 2001. The "Jayboy" was the sweetest dog in the whole world...truly like a gift of sunshine. He loved to say hello to people and give them hugs. Jason and Rita loved each other so much for 18 years. He will be dearly missed.
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Jake was only 9 when he went over the Rainbow Bridge this past June. He was a wonderfuldog with a splendid temperament. Everyone loved him, especially Lulu. (Maybe they're together now.) I'm sure that in doggie heaven, he's sitting by John's leg, like in the picture.
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Here is Lulu...a top dog; she went to the Rainbow Bridge on October 7, 1999. She was only nine. We miss her so much.

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Here is a picture of of the best dogs that ever was.

Click here to hear "Shay's Begging Song" © 1996 Jenny Kogen
Nanooka was still a puppy when she went over the Rainbow Bridge. She was such a dear little girl. Everyone who had met her was devastated...this bandit had stolen our hearts! "Nookie" is surely running through those green fields of doggie heaven.

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