Here are some beautiful marble samples from around the world to serve as your desktop picture or wallpaper pattern. There is Bellejoyeuse and Bois Jourdan from France; Catalan Red and Rose Alhambra from Spain; Verde Antique and Onyx Antigua from the USA; Travertine Roman and Verde Antonio from Italy; Rouge Royal from Belgium and Rosalit from Yugoslavia.

For the following patterns and pictures, you must be on a Macintosh, running System 7.5 or greater, and have the clipping extension installed.
(Windows' versions are below.)

Download the Mac version. (165K)

If you like them,
check out these
3D ones!

If you have Macintosh running System 8 or 9, download half a dozen full-screenmarble desktop pictures. Each is labeled with its country of origin and fabulously detailed. (677K)
(For directions on using this as a desktop picture, click here.)

If you liked those full-screen desktop pic-
tures (for System 8 or 9), download some more! (726K)

The following patterns are optimized for a PC, running Windows 95, 98 or 2000.

Here are some 3D marble tile wallpapers for PCs running Windows.
(You must have Stuffit Expander from Aladdin Software to open this file.)
Download them here. (144K)

For directions for using the following wallpaper pictures, click here.

Here are several full-screen wallpaper pictures.